Japanese Course's




November 07

First Visit To U.K.

Masahiro Yanagawa 8th Dan

Focusing training to maximize the bodyís potential

At the Dolphin Hotel, Swansea. Wednesday November 14th. 6pm to 10pm  £30
Contact 01792 645 940 - 0781 391 8576

Look at the Camera Stephen
Chief Instructor Stephen Wellington with Assistant Instructors that
accompanied Sensei Yanagawa

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September 07

Sensei Nukina

September 9th the Welsh Karate Association hosted a Budo Karate Course, led by Sensei Nukina Nobuyuki
(from Romania Wado-kai) and sensei Sakagami

This was an Open Course to all interested in Karate, It was different because basicís or grading techniques
were not the issue, but trying to master "Tanden" which means to generate inner energy (Ki) of the person.
Many said it was the best course they have been on because of the subject they were taught is rarely shown.


Time Out, Unel with Petros, one of the visiting instructors
from North Wales

Students from various visiting clubs


                                                                                               Chief Instructor of WKA Stephen Wellington
                                                                                    With Sensei Sakagami, Sensei Nikina



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Peter Jones BKA, Allen Jones & Students, Anthony Myhill & Suzanne Thomas, Nikina & Unel

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March 2004

The Welsh Karate Association in partnership with 
K. Sakagami 8th Dan presents from Japan 


M. HASHIARA 8th Dan   &   M. MAEDA 7th Dan


Sensei's - Sakagami, Hashiara, Maeda
Peter May, Unel Wellington.




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 Relaxing at "Opium Den" Restaurant


Jay Smith 1st Kyu & Dave Porter 2nd Dan with Suzuki Hanshi
(Summer Course August 07)

Visit to Japan Sept 05